Hakuba Guide & Information

hakubaphoto.pngHakuba is probably best known for its 1998 Winter Olympic fame, and as the Alpine Skiing Capital of Japan. Whilst Hakuba has developed into a world class skiing resort, as a destination, Hakuba has so much more to offer....
Hakuba is the perfect place for a winter break ski/snowboarding holiday, ...a day trip, ...a weekend break, ....a week’s holiday, ...even a whole season, ....or as some choose, ....the rest of a lifetime!
Come join us in Hakuba, experience some of the magic of waking up to stunning mountain views, blue skies, and refreshing summer days.

Getting to HAKUBA

Getting To HAKUBA

Direct from Narita on the links for more detailed info


Ranking #1 with our guests flying into Narita....
Chuo Taxi seems to be the most convenient, preferred way to get to the House, at ¥13,900 per person.
Chuo Taxi will meet you at the airport and drop you at the House. Approx 5 hrs door to door.


Ask for us for Chuou Taxi booking.

Other direct from Narita options are;
Bus costs are about ¥9,500 to ¥10,000 per person Approx 5 hrs (Dec19 to March 7)
We will pick you up at the Bus Station and take you to the House. 5 mins

Other options through Tokyo are;

Bullet Train & Bus ...3.5 to 4 hrs approx ¥10,000 per person
-Narita Express to Tokyo Station 1hr
-Asama Shinkansen to Nagano Train Station, 1.5 hrs
-Alpico Bus to Happo Bus Station...60 to 70 mins (note: no late night bus service)
We will pick you up at the Bus Station and take you to the House. 5 mins

Normal Train 5-6 hrs

Narita Express to Shinjuku Station, 80 mins
Chuo Limited Express - Super Asusa from Shinjuku to Hakuba
(Note: direct to Hakuba train runs only twice daily)
We will pick you up at the Train Station and take you to the House. 8 mins


Bus 6 hrs

Narita Express to Shinjuku Station, 80 mins
Alpico Bus from Shinjuku to Happo Bus Station 4.5hrs
We will pick you up at the Bus Station and take you to the House. 5 mins


Car- Driving fron Tokyo To Hakuba...

Route option 1
-Take the Chuo expressway to the Okaya junction, then onto the Nagano Expressway following signs for Nagano. Exit at Azumino and follow signs to Omachi/Hakuba on route 147/148.

Route option 2
-From the Shuto Expressway follow signs for the Gaikan/Kanetsu Expressway, follow the Kanetsu Expressway to Fujioka, then take the Joshinetsu Expressway and follow the signs for Nagano
Exit Nagano and follow the signs for Hakuba on Route 19.
Please refer to our Location Map


As a result of hosting the 1998 Winter Olympics, every winter an international clientele
descends on the Hakuba Valley to enjoy world-class snow sport facilities.
The Northern Alps reach an elevation of 3,000 meters, and the 9 alpine resorts
in the area are regularly blessed with deep accumulations of powder snow.
Beginners need not worry, they too can enjoy themselves
on the gentle groomed runs found at all resorts.
Take your time and cruise leisurely down beginner runs, up to 8 km long.
With beginner and intermediate slopes, terrain parks, moguls,
and steeps, there is something for every level of snow sports enthusiast in the Hakuba Valley.
This winter, let the Hakuba Valley treat you to an unforgettable winter experience.

Getting Cash In HAKUBA

Getting Cash

Seven Eleven Misorano

Near Meitetsu Cottage.

Only 3 places in Hakuba accept foreign issued cash/credit cards for a cash advance. The Happo Info Center has an ATM machine, The Post Office, right across the main road in front of Hakuba Station, or the 711 on Olympic Road near Misorano.

Taxis in Hakuba
Alps Taxi 0261-72 2221
(note: all Taxi’s stop service at 2am)
Hakuba Kanko Taxi 0261-72 2337
Ohmachi Meitetsu Taxi 0261-72-2236

Hot Springs
The hot springs of Nagano are treasured throughout Japan as some of the best. Among the most famous, the Hakuba Valley’s hot springs are renowned for their strong alkaline waters which leave the skin soft and smooth. The hot springs have long been revered as a cure for ailments, as well as for their beautifying properties. A soak in a hot spring is one of the best ways to relax one’s body after a day in the mountains.


Shuttle Busses depart from close to the house and the Echoland Rotary, for all the major ski areas in the Hakuba on the links for more info.

The largest resort in the Hakuba Valley, Host to the premier events of the ’98 Nagano Olympics.

Probably the best snow park in Hakuba, connects to Hakuba Goryu at the top.

Hakuba47 Link
>>Hakuba47 Official Web

Hakuba Cortina
Long steep pitches and tons of powder make Hakuba Cortina a favourite among advanced skiers & riders. Set in a natural bowl behind the huge Green Plaza Hotel, Hakuba Cortina receives the most snow in the Hakuba Valley. Most skiers/riders find their own line down the steep bowls over terrain that seems unbeleivable at times. Hakuba Cortina is about a 20minute bus ride from Hakuba.

Hakuba Cortina Link
>>Hakuba Cortina Web

Hakuba Goryu
A large ski area connected to Hakuba 47, First Class English speaking ski school at Imori.

Hakuba Sanosaka
Famous for the mogul course with a big air kicker situated right in front of the base area, Castor Plaza. Sanosaka has some good views down to Lake Aokiko. There is also a small terrain park.

Hakuba Sanosaka

>>Hakuba Sanosaka

Hakuba Norikura Ski Area
Hakuba Norikura Ski Area is sandwiched between Tsugaike and Cortina ski areas. Although not large, Hakuba Norikura has some mixed runs including the Sky View slope at 38 degrees. There are some nice runs through the trees making it a very pretty resort. No quad lifts only pairs and one triple. Great snow park with the Kitabata half pipe. Norikura is interconnected with Cortina - make sure you ask for the interconnected ticket when buying your lift pass.

Hakuba Norikura Ski Area
>>Hakuba Norikura Ski Area Web

Iwatake Snowfield
A fun resort, a great place for a family day on the slopes.Iwatake is renowned for its' suitability to novice skiers and boarders. The atmosphere on the slope is very non-pressured and all the slopes are easy to get to, which also makes it ideal for families. A good network of beginners and easy intermediate trails extends over the back of the resort and offers hassle free skiing/riding. All front slopes end back at the same base area.

Tsugaike Kogen
A large ski area with helicopter for spring skiing.Tsugaike Kogen is a beginners and intermediates paradise. The lack of crowds on the slopes and a huge amount of easy runs, will have absolute beginners and children zooming down the slopes in no time. There are more steeper and faster slopes further up the mountain for the stronger intermediates and advanced.

Tugaike Kogen

>>Tsugaike Kogen Web

Hakuba Hot spring Guide
Why not drop by some great hot springs in Happo area after ski and snowboard?
We call hot spring Onsen. Onsen makes you heal when you are tired after ski.
Onsen is so popular among not only visitors
but also local people as it makes our immune system strong.
The cost is also reasonable and we recommend you to take them.

I will introduce you some Onsen where I want you to drop by. Check them!

Happo Onsen Info

Happo No Yu
Adult 800yen Child 400yen
9:00AM - 10:00PM

Happo Onsen Mimizuku no Yu
Kitaazumi gun Hakuba mura Hokujo 5480-1
You can get here by 15 mintues walk from Hakuba station or Shuttle bus stop Hakuba Station.

Adults ¥ 600 Children ¥ 300 Open 10:00am ~ 9:30pm
Enjoy Rotenburo the outdoor hot spring!

Happo Onsen Daini Sato no Yu

Close to Hakuba Spring Hotel
Adults ¥ 600 Children ¥ 300
Open 11:00am ~ 9:30pm

Kurashita no Yu

When it's pretty day this hot spring prouds of incredible view.
You can see Japan Northern Alps.

It takes about 20 mintues by walk from Happo station shuttle stop.
We suggest you taxi

Adults ¥ 600 Children ¥ 300 Open 10:00am ~ 22:00pm

Iwatake no Yu
Close to Iwatake Snow Field
Adults ¥ 600 Children ¥ 300

Juro no Yu
Near IImori Ski Resort.
We suggest you to use a taxi.
It take about 5 minutes by a taxi from Seven eleven Misorano.

Adults ¥ 600 Free for under 6 years old kids
Open 10:00 ~ 22:00

Hotels Big Bath
You can enjoy hot springs at the hotels we write below.

Hakuba Green Plaza Hotel
Bijin no Yu
reception desk 3F Plaza counter
Adults ¥ 1,000 Children ¥ 500 Open 1:00pm ~ 0:00am

Hotel Oak Forest
We suggest you to visit Hotel Oak Forest if you wanna enjoy hot spring from Misorano.
Open 2:00pm ~ 11:00pm

Taxi company.

Alps Dai-ichi Koutsu Service

Hakuba Kanko Taxi

Drug Store
Ohta Yakkyoku
〒399-9301 Nagano-ken, Kitaazumi-gun, Hakuba-mura, Hokujō, 6029

Hakuba Night Life
Ask For Hakuba's Recommended Restrant & Bar to Black Bear Properties.

Echo Land Area

- Sounds Like Cafe - Master Braster
- Studio 902
- White Horse Hotel (Village Wine Bar) - Tomatito
- Cherry Pub - Bush Bar

Happo Area

- The Beach - Cafe And Bar LION
- BAR CROSS -Jack’s Sports Bar

Wadano Area

- The Pub - The Lounge - Vendimia Wine Bar - Double Black
- The Ridge Restaurant & Bar - Yohei Club - Marzan

Goryu Area

- Tracks Bar - Bradburys Bar - Sauce - Bike Bar

Hakuba Station Area

-Bar Plus One - Tanokis

Day Tour Guide
Ask For Day Tour Black Bear Properties.

Snowmonkey Day Tour
The Snow Monkey Daytour is The Most populer Day Tour from Hakuba.
It takes About a 2 bus ride to get to the Monkey Park.

Fuji Q Highrland
The Fujikyu Highland at The Base of mt Fuji is Best Thrill ride park in Japan.
Enjoy Fujiyama, Dodonpa, Eejanaika, Thomas Land.
It takes About a 2 hours by Train ride to get Fuji Q Highland.


We are very happy to guide our guests with the best options of the resort life in Hakuba.
We offer booking service for rentals, lessons, best restaurants, direct transportations from the airports, snow monkey tours, and anything else to make our customers’ stay in Hakuba more comfortable.
Please feel free to contact us anytime.
Black Bear Properties Team